Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

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Happy Birthday Wishes for My Humorist Mom

Today is your Birthday,
I want to take this chance
To thank you for the roast beef,
Which you cook with charm.

Don't be unhappy with me!
On Birthday, there are a lot of jokes;
You always laugh so radiantly,
You give light and warmth to folks.

I seriously wish you to sing and dance.
Happy Birthday Mom! Let me give you a kiss.
I wish you many-many days and months,
And years of life full of bliss!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, My Mom-Angel

My Mom, you are giving me love!
You have taught me many things;
You're like an Angel from Above,
Who covers from grieves with wings.

My Mom, today is your Birthday!
I wish the blessings from God!
I wish you happiness, mostly,
Best health, and these are a lot!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Loving Mom

A Mom like you is very rare.
You've given me the best childhood!
Thank you, Mom, for your love and care,
Thanks to love, I haven't become rude.

Thank you, Mother! Happy Birthday!
I'll celebrate with you in full.
Let it be the best holiday!
Always be healthy and cheerful!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Best Wishes for Mom! Happy Birthday!

Today’s, Mom, your birthday!
Accept my congrats.
That you are my mother,
I do not regret.

On your Happy Birthday!
I want to convey
My wishes in person;
And I’d like to say:

That I’m your child,
I am so glad.
You are so kind,
You are never sad.

That you always help me,
My dreams all come true.
I wish you be healthy,
May luck be with you!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Beautiful Mom

Happy Birthday, my beloved Mother!
Every moment of your life
You've cared of me; you've made rather
The world where love is rife.

Happy Birthday, my dear Mummy!
You’ve given me the great joy.
Your dishes taste really yummy;
I appreciate your skill and coy.

You deserve a beautiful holiday!
Thank you, for everything you do!
Happy Birthday Mom, go straight
To happiness; may luck accompany you!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for You, My Dear Mom

On your special day, my dear Mom
I wish you everything you desire!
Let your birthday be like a joy bomb
And like a broad and sunny smile fire!

May God bless you with strong health
And good luck for every day!
Enjoy every moment of happiness
Of tonight's party! Happy Birthday!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Wishes for My Birthday Mom

Dear Mom, laugh out loud
And get joy and fun;
Forget all around,
You're the birthday Mum!

Come on to the dance floor
And dance with fantasy;
You are young, Mom, and more,
Are full of energy!

Sing all karaoke songs
With your sweet and touching voice;
My mother, have fun as long
As you desire to rejoice!

Charge up for the whole year ahead
With gorgeous and great fun today;
Be always lucky, rich, well clad,
Dear My Mummy, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom
© Автор: Печенова В.

Wish All the Best for My Young Mom

I do appreciate, Mom,
Everything you've done.
You give me great love;
Like an angel from Above
You protect me from troubles;
And you never grumble.

Mom, Happy Birthday!
Time flies fast away.
Be always so young;
I wish you much fun!
You give me your tenderness,
I wish you much happiness!
© Автор: Печенова В.

The Best Happy Birthday, Mom

It is your Birthday, Mom; again
You get Birthday Wishes and gifts.
Another year's gone not in vain;
And you have had positive shifts!

Mom, for you, my birthday person,
I have lots of good words to say.
Firstly, I say: Happy Birthday!
Celebrate it in the best way.

Be healthy, Mother, have much fun!
May all Birthday Wishes come true,
I wish you smiles, Mom, have a ton!
Be so happy; I adore you!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Kindest Mom

My Mom, I am so grateful to you
For everything that you've done for me;
You sang me lullaby songs, read books;
I do appreciate your kindness!

The important wish - be healthy, Mom!
Wish you pleasant surprises from fate!
Happy Birthday! Laugh, dance and have fun;
Enjoy your Birthday; may it be great!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Extra Special Mom

You've always been the best Mom
Of all the other mothers.
There are only some
That follow you, and don't go farther.

Thank you, Mom, for everything
You've done for me and you do;
For every special thing
You've done for our family too.

On your Birthday, I want you to know
You are great, and I adore you!
Among Birthday Wishes are so
What you wish for yourself, will come true!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Unforgettable Happy Birthday for My Mom

I wish you an unforgettable Birthday;
You deserve this impressive holiday, Mom!
Since my childhood, you have never been plosive!
Today you need an outstanding Birthday bomb!

Wish you the awesomest celebration;
I have made for you hot chocolate with rum
For you to have an amazing elation;
Let only good faithful friends surround you, Mum!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brilliant Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! You look like 25.
You've given me every second of this life
Filled with comfort, kindness, love and happiness!
Thank you, Mom, for everything you've given me!

You are an amazing and awesome woman!
I am proud of you, my dear brilliant human!
Be lucky, Mom, I wish you a career lift!
For every your birthday, I will bring a gift.
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Wonderful Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom! Your holiday
Means especially to me a lot;
I send these Birthday Wishes today
So that you always feel my support

Be as cheerful all your life long
As you are today, let dreams come true!
Be healthy - I always ask our Lord.
Mom, I really respect and adore you!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Caring Mom

Every day, since I appeared
In your sweet, soft tummy,
You've protected me from fears,
And cared of me, Mummy.

Now I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ
To protect you, Mom,
From diseases and disasters,
To keep safe from harm!

Happy Birthday! Let the wishes -
All of yours - come true!
Now I have gotten mission -
To take care of you!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Gorgeous Mom

I hope everyone can see
How much you mean to me!
Happy Birthday Mom!
You are person number one.

Never be upset, Mom.
I wish you a lot of joy and fun,
A lot of strength and health!
Walk often for fresh breath,
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Great Mom

Happy Birthday, dear Mom!
I will pull up my chair
To be closer to you
And give you good cheer.

I owe you my love
Since the days when I was small.
You supported me;
When I was about to fall.

My best wishes for your care,
May your wishes come true!
Only with you I dare
Tell you how much I love you!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Extraordinary Mom

Mom, thank you for you being you,
Mothers like you, indeed, there are few.
Thank you for being so kind and smart;
Although your motherhood is hard!

You are full of creative methods;
You've made me a capable adult.
Happy Birthday Mom, be healthy
Strong, lucky, happy and wealthy!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Excellent Mom

Happy Birthday! You are excellent.
Mom, you always support and help me.
You lift me up when I fall or bend
Over my difficult tasks and deeds.

Have an excellent Birthday today!
Mom, you deserve a rest and a break.
You are a super mom, I must say;
Blow out candles on the Birthday cake.
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for my unique Mom

Happy Birthday, dear Mom! I love you so
And I want you to know, wherever I go,
I think about you and about us often.
You lift me up; your ideals are lofty.

I have felt your affection from my birth;
Your unconditional love gives me warmth.
I wish you an amazing Birthday today,
May God makes you always healthy and gay!
© Автор: Печенова В.

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