Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

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Happy Birthday Wishes for My Perfect Mom

Happy Birthday, dear Mom! It proposes,
To have the day that you'll never forget;
Wish you the day full of fun and roses;
Let it be the best one you've ever had!

Wish you lots of happiness, joy and luck,
So that your heart, my Mother, would rejoice!
I sincerely wish you the best gifts truck;
As to career, have always the best choice!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Sweetest Mom

You are always in my heart, Mom!
With best Birthday Wishes I've come,
I treasure our close relations!
No matter how far away I’m on vacation.

Your great love have shown me the right leads!
Birthdays are like fragrant sweets,
Instead of counting, enjoy the taste.
Wishing you the best of all birthdays!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My WOW Mom

May this Birthday, Mom,
Be definitely the best one,
Full of jokes, fireworks and laughter;
For you to be luckier after!

May this Birthday, Mum,
Remain in your memory some;
May next birthdays be snappier,
Merrier, cooler and happier!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Annual Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

Every year I get my best chance
To say Happy Birthday to Mom.
I wish you have much fun and dance;
May your birthday be awesome!

Happy Birthday, my dear Mom!
I wish you with all my heart:
Let fulfilled desires multiply;
Never be with good luck apart.

© Автор: Печенова В.

My Mom is Again 25, the Same

They say, that after twenty-five,
Women do not count their years.
You know, Mom, they are right.
Age at 25 fall asleep like in winter bears.

Or years freeze like a computer; keeping mum.
So, my dear, you are again 25!
Let your age be deaf and dumb, Mom;
Happy Birthday! Be young all your life!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, the Best Mom in the World!

You are the best Mom! I say not in vain.
You are my super friend and companion!
I wish you, Mom, like myself, nothing bad;
Because we are connected by one thread.

A mom's heart always beats in unison
With the heart of her child, daughter or son.
No matter how adult she or he is,
If something is wrong, mom always worries.

Let's celebrate your birthday together!
May on your Birthday be the best weather!
May next minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years
Bring you health, happiness and good luck, dear!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Unique Mom

Years go by with rains and snows,
And this year will go away.
But all the best nowhere goes;
This is the best - your Birthday!

Let me kiss you on your cheek.
Be happy every day, Mom!
May your Birthday be unique,
Set the tone for years to come!
Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Super Energetic Mom

On your birthdays, I love your sunny smiles,
Which present warmth and light to close people!
Your energy is spreading over miles.
You like dancing all night, never sleeping.

Share super energy with us always,
Be happy each day; may you fortune lead!
Be more times as happier next birthday!
May life give all the best; you deserve it!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Appreciation for Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes for you, my dear Mom!
Instead of counting candles on the cake now,
As all the past years went away and won't come,
Think of the close people, you have a big crowd!

Someone says this: "Don't let your dreams just be dreams".
When you blow out the candles, I advise you,
Say aloud, or to yourself, say by all means:
"I'm strong and I will make any dream come true!"

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dear Beloved Mom

Happy Birthday, dear beloved Mom!
Thank you for your warmth, kindness and love!
You've cooked a lot of tasty dishes!
Accept my Happy Birthday Wishes!

Be healthy and let all dreams come true!
Enjoy life, let there be joy with you!
Have hobbies and rest, Mom, as you like!
Go in for sports, go on a long hike!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dear and Beloved Mom!

Happy Birthday, my dear and beloved Mom!
I wish you all the years that are coming -
Be full of happiness, joy, laughter and fun,
I wish you the best health and much money!

I wish you many presents and pleasant fuss!
When you blow out candles on the cake, say:
"Instead of counting all the years that have passed,
I will count the joys every single day!"

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Flourishing Mom

Happy Birthday, my flower - Mom!
This day means so much to me, dear!
Wish you to live all the next years
In the best places in the sun!

On your special day - Wish you joy!
I wish you good mood that you fly!
May all good times to multiply!
Be happy with your life and job!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Mom – My Love!

You are a super Mom – my love!
Only you can do everything the best way!
I wish you the blessings from Above!
You are getting younger day by day!

You help me handle all my daily business!
The best Birthday wishes to you! Have a rest!
I wish you good luck, health and happiness!
On your special day - wish you all the best!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Be happy and healthy!

Happy Birthday, my dear mother! Throughout my life,
Your precious advices, Mom, are leading me safely!
Your love for me - being so pure and without pride -
Spreads much great warmth and encourages me daily!

Your Birthday gives an opportunity to say
How I need everything, you're doing for me, dear!
Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day today
And the great year ahead! I love having you near!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Successful Mom

Mom, beloved and unique, Happy Birthday!
Let your cake be very tasty and perfect,
Blow out the candles on it with an allure,
The wishes will come true, I know it for sure!

I wish you successes at home and at work;
Let fortune not dare to slip away or shirk!
May your special day be the happiest one.
Just know one thing, I love you so much, my Mom!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My All-Can-Doing Mom

Mom, you are always in a good mood;
You can do so many, many things
At home, how delicious you cook food;
I admire, the way you do everything!

My mom, you are so awesome person,
You are so-so caring and loving!
Happy Birthday! Be healthy, firstly!
Be lucky for a hundred years coming!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank You For All!

Thank you, Mom, for giving lifehood!
Thank you for your world of all the good!
Thank you, Mom, for my happy childhood!
Thank you so for your always good mood!

Happy Birthday Wishes for you, Mom!
I'm ready to give love in return!
I will repay for your best concern!
Only be very healthy! Live long!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, Mom – My World

Mom, you mean much more
Than I can put it in words.
You mean a huge world of love
Like the angel, given to me from above!

Happy Birthday Mom!
Let the holiday be the best one!
Let there be a lot of fun, dear,
To have happiness for many years!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Caring Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom, to you!
You have much today to do.
Count happy deeds like sweets,
I'll help serve up the treats.

Rest and have a lot of fun;
You deserve the best, my Mum!
May God bless you with good health,
Much strength, happiness and wealth!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Greatest Mom

I love you very much, Mom!
Now your Birthday has come.
There has gathered a crowd,
I say Birthday Wishes loud.

Wish a long life, with good health,
May your dreams come true hence.
You deserve a lot of best things,
May Angel protect you with wings!
© Автор: Печенова В.

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