Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad короткие, смс

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad, Who Love Me Unconditionally

Your love is unconditional;
Your love is as pure as your heart!
And I say, Dad, in addition,
They are both neither sham nor art.

You are always with kindness full,
A lot for me – you have done!
Happy Birthday! Be successful
Healthy, strong and always so young!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dearest Father

The happiest Birthday, my dearest Dad,
For whom to God I every day give thanks!
May you be healthy, strong and never be sad!
Always carry a merry smile on your face!

Happy Birthday Wishes for you I say!
Have an amazing birthday, dearest Dad!
Many, many happy returns of the day!
I wish you the happiest of all birthdays!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Magnificent Dad

Dad, you've been great from my childhood!
You are loving and generous,
You have never been harsh or rude,
Dad, you have never been careless!

Now, I have the reason to say
Thank you so much a million times!
Dad, be healthy! Happy Birthday!
For you, are all these lucky rhymes!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, My Best Dad on the Planet

Happy Birthday, the best Dad on the planet,
The best man, strongest and handsomest!
You have taught me all the best manners;
I adore you, and I wish you all the best!

Be healthy, Dad, all one hundred years
And continue to love me the same way,
With all your kind heart, dear;
Celebrate your birthday fabulously today!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Advanced Dad

Nobody cares about me like you, dear;
Daddy, I know that you are always near!
No one is as kind to me as you are,
You are the best, you are my superstar!

My father, have a wonderful Birthday!
May all be as you want, my dear person!
Always be with too strong energy full!
Dad, I wish you be lucky and successful!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Tolerant Dad

You've always been by my side,
Even when I was not right.
I was so cool as a child -
Reckless, arguing and wild.

I understand your feelings
And how you are forgiving!
Thanks for not kick me away.
Proud of you. Happy Birthday!

Be strong and healthy, Pappy,
Be so lucky and happy,
For so many-many years!
Dad, my beloved and dear!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Best Dad!

I may be one blink in your eyes,
You are the one, who made me wise!
I'm one now for you to be proud!
That's why, I want to scream out loud

Happy Birthday! I'm proud of you,
You took care of me and I grew!
Always be healthy! Dad, I bow!
You are still young in heart and soul!
Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad короткие, смс

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Wish you all the best!

Happy Birthday, my dear Dad!
Wish only the best to you!
Be you happy, be not sad!
May all your wishes come true!

Be always healthy and strong!
Let your troubles go away!
I wish - to rest where you want!
Let everything be Okay!

© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Thanks to My Dad

Dad, Happy Birthday!
I appreciate
Your care for my fate;

Every night and day,
Daddy, you have shared
Your loving great care;

From me and the rest,
Thanks to you a ton -
For the best you've done;

I wish you the best:
Much strength and good health,
Happiness and wealth!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday, My Loving Dad

Dad, you are a very dear person to me,
Happy Birthday! I say sincerely,
Your heart is always full of love,
Which saves me like an angel from above!

I wish you to be always happy and healthy;
May you be lucky all your life, and wealthy;
Get only pleasant surprises from your life;
Be always happy with your wife!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Responsible Dad

Happy Birthday! You have to sacrifice
Your time, our Daddy, every single day
In order to educate and help us.
But today, dear father, is your Birthday!

Let the Birthday go your way, for your sake!
Necessarily, Dad, make a wish list.
Blow out all of the candles on the cake.
Enjoy your holiday to the fullest!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Birthday Wishes for My Dear Dad

You're always on my mind;
Wherever I have been;
You are caring and kind,
You mean a lot to me!

Today I need to say -
There isn't fathers like you;
My Dad, Happy Birthday!
May all your dreams come true!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Big Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday, my dear Dad!
Thank you for being the best;
You are a big birthday lad,
Have good fun, laughter and rest!

May your life be always full
Of cheers, smiles, good luck and joy;
Have on Birthday a roomful
Of the guests, big birthday boy!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Best Birthday Wishes for Beloved Dad

My Dad, you are my beloved.
Happy Birthday, dear!
May God from Above
Protect you from all fears!

May the Saints guard you on all roads.
Be happy and healthy, father!
All the time, go boldly forward;
Towards your goals rather.
© Автор: Печенова В.

3 Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dad, you may be fifty years old today.
But you are as cool as a teenager!
You just got a year older, I say –
You are still so awesome and courageous!

Father, you haven't gotten weaker! Firstly,
Still, I wish you more and more force and strength!
Secondly, wish you fun! Happy Birthday!
Thirdly, I wish you always have good health!
© Автор: Печенова В.

The Best Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dad!

Father, you have so kind and smart eyes!
I never heard your complaints and cries!
You've always comforted me and inspired!
You give me cozy feeling and warm smile!

To you – the best Dad – today
The best Birthday Wishes – I say:
May your dreams come true! Be happy with spouse!
Reborn with a silver spoon in your mouth!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dear Father

Dear beloved Dad, Happy Birthday!
Best wishes to you, my dear person!
I wish you more joyful years and strength,
Health, prosperity and God's defense!

May all of your dreams, Dad, come true soon!
I wish more laughter each day to you!
Laughter lengthens our life! Be ready
To live a long life, my dear Daddy!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dear Dad

I want to say with Birthday Wishes -
How much I love you, my dear Daddy!
May God always keep your soul in peace,
Your body - healthy and heart - happy!

Before your merits – I bow down,
I wish you much fun on your birthday!
May God always keep you safe and sound
On your long path in life, dear person!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dearest Dad

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Dad!
You are kind, generous, awesome!!!
Your great and hearty love, you have spread,
Is prize from the dearest person!

Wish you be happy without measure!
May God bless you with the best health!
Let coming years be filled with pleasure!
May you have – what you want hence!
© Автор: Печенова В.

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