Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

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Birthday Wishes for My Dear Dad

You're always on my mind;
Wherever I have been;
You are caring and kind,
You mean a lot to me!

Today I need to say -
There isn't fathers like you;
My Dad, Happy Birthday!
May all your dreams come true!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Superhero Dad

Daddy, you are my best friend;
You are a superhero.
If you want to know till the end,
You've never been a zero.

You're my person number one,
You are so special to me!
You give me warmth like the sun's
Very bright, kind and cheer beam!

Happy Birthday! I'm lucky, Dad,
That I have such a father!
Only in good sense, be mad
From party that'll last farther…
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Superstar Dad

There are few dads - like you are - in the world
Here we have no dads - as you are - at all!
My friends envy me for having you near!
You're a superstar among dads, my dear!

I'm sure that you will always be like this!
You won't be changed for worse out of crisis!
You're strong! Stay that way for 100 years!
Dad, become even stronger like a bear!

Happy Birthday! Wish you good luck and joy,
New interesting affairs, much money!
Take all pleasures in life! Be as a boy,
Dreaming of miracles each year coming!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Gentle_Dad!

My dad always goes
One step ahead
Of other dads. And he knows,
How I need to be clad.

My dad is so kind
He knows like from Above,
What's on my mind
And he always gives love!

My dad always can
Guess, what I'm feeling
He knows the trend,
He is young and forgiving.

H_a_p_p_y B_I_r_t_h_d_a_y,
The best dad in the world!
Best wishes for you, mostly
Be always healthy and bold!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for the Strongest Dad

Maybe I'm not quite an adult yet;
But I understand, where money comes from.
I know, that you pay all the bills, Dad,
You provide the family, me and mom.

We really appreciate what you do.
Your birthday is a great chance
To tell you sincerely, "We love you!"
To thank you and pamper in advance.

You deserve the holiday! Happy Birthday!
Take our gifts and sweets from me and mom.
Be healthy and lucky always!
Be always so strong and handsome!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for the Wisest Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad! Best Wishes for you,
Who has made me strong and taught to endure;
You are the wisest dad, who's shown the true
Life, and how to win in it, that's for sure!

I wish you the best fun and rest, Daddy!
May this Birthday fulfill your plenty dreams;
I wish you be healthy, strong and happy;
Let life be better, and not seem like this!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Big Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday, my dear Dad!
Thank you for being the best;
You are a big birthday lad,
Have good fun, laughter and rest!

May your life be always full
Of cheers, smiles, good luck and joy;
Have on Birthday a roomful
Of the guests, big birthday boy!
Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Super Dad

In my childhood, I waited for your kiss goodnight.
I've always had a sense of comfort and defense.
Just promise me that you will always be my side;
I have needed you so much and even more hence.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Let it be the happiest!
You are my eternal and big consolation.
You are the Dad of all the Dads, the Dadiest!!!
Always be very healthy; wish you vacation.
© Автор: Печенова В.

Best Birthday Wishes for Beloved Dad

My Dad, you are my beloved.
Happy Birthday, dear!
May God from Above
Protect you from all fears!

May the Saints guard you on all roads.
Be happy and healthy, father!
All the time, go boldly forward;
Towards your goals rather.
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Best Teacher Dad

My dear Dad, you are so compassionate
Honest, wise and with pure soul.
As to passions, you’ve taught to ration.
As to heart, you’ve taught to have hope.

As for difficulties, you’ve taught me to endure.
As for problems, you’ve taught me not to be a coward.
You’ve taught me not to rush to what that lures.
You’ve taught me to walk honestly and boldly forward!

Happy Birthday, Dad! Always be healthy and lucky.
As to your life, let this milestone make the best amends.
May the life's road be not too bumpy and dusky.
Always be surrounded by loyal friends.
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Ideal Dad

Happy Birthday Wishes for you, my Dad,
As cool as you are; who are my hero!
Thought the gift hasn't been given to you yet,
Don't think that is empty place, or zero.

I have prepared a special gift for you
I'll give it after the words of congrats.
You are an ideal, and kind, and true,
I've thought over for a long time, in fact.

My words of love to you, Dad, should come first:
I love you always; I've sent you love cards.
Be healthy! Happy Birthday, dear person!
Take my gift - a pie in a form of heart!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Noble Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad! I may not
The most loving person around.
But my love for you is a sort
Of affection that is profound!

I do not hug you every day;
But I adore you sincerely
In a special and unique way.
Dad, you are my idol merely!

Happy Birthday Wishes for you,
Dear and beloved Dad, is that -
Remain always yourself and true,
As you are - noble and well bred!

May our loving Lord bless you with
Good health and strength for years ahead,
With luck, prosperity and bliss;
Be cheerful each day, my dear Dad!
© Автор: Печенова В.

3 Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dad, you may be fifty years old today.
But you are as cool as a teenager!
You just got a year older, I say –
You are still so awesome and courageous!

Father, you haven't gotten weaker! Firstly,
Still, I wish you more and more force and strength!
Secondly, wish you fun! Happy Birthday!
Thirdly, I wish you always have good health!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad, who means so much to me

Father, I'm following in your footsteps.
You mean so much to me! You are strong, not just seem!
As a child, I loved sitting on your lap.
With your help and advice, I always win!

Dad, life is much more magical with you,
As in the kindest, the best fairy tale!
May your dreams and desires, Dad, come true!
Happy Birthday! For you is my prayer!
© Автор: Печенова В.

The Best Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dad!

Father, you have so kind and smart eyes!
I never heard your complaints and cries!
You've always comforted me and inspired!
You give me cozy feeling and warm smile!

To you – the best Dad – today
The best Birthday Wishes – I say:
May your dreams come true! Be happy with spouse!
Reborn with a silver spoon in your mouth!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Accept, Daddy, Birthday Wishes

There are people in my life, who are few, -
So close in spirit, they are friends.
The one, with whom I share single view, -
The only person in the world - is my Dad!

You get a year older, but you are not old,
You never grow old at heart!
On your Birthday, I want to say a lot:
You are so brave, kind and smart!

You are the best father in the world!
I love you and you love me in return!
I wish you remain so cool and bold!
Happy Birthday dad! Always be strong!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dear Father

Dear beloved Dad, Happy Birthday!
Best wishes to you, my dear person!
I wish you more joyful years and strength,
Health, prosperity and God's defense!

May all of your dreams, Dad, come true soon!
I wish more laughter each day to you!
Laughter lengthens our life! Be ready
To live a long life, my dear Daddy!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Dear Dad

I want to say with Birthday Wishes -
How much I love you, my dear Daddy!
May God always keep your soul in peace,
Your body - healthy and heart - happy!

Before your merits – I bow down,
I wish you much fun on your birthday!
May God always keep you safe and sound
On your long path in life, dear person!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Young Dad

I got the biggest award -
The best father in the world!
Congratulations, my Dad!
Happy Birthday, my young lad!

Father, you are amazing!
Have birthday cake with raisin,
For happiness, health and peace!
Today, be sure, dad, and sneeze,

Because you ought to blow out
The cake's candles and the crowd
Be sure and bring birthday cake
And have much fun for you sake!
© Автор: Печенова В.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Top Notch Dad!

You have taught me all I can do today!
You are the top-notch father - that is clear!
So sincerely, “Thank you” I must say
With Happy Birthday wishes for you, dear!

You are the best father of all the dads, it is true!
I wish a lot of strength, inspiration and wealth!
Here’s wishing a very Happy Birthday to you!
I wish an awesome life and ever-great health!
© Автор: Печенова В.

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